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I first saw Dr. Blanchard when I was 20 years old, and struggling with a years-long battle with poorly controlled TMJD. I’d seen countless other doctors, dentists, and did not at all want to add another to the list, but from my first appointment with her, I knew things were different. She identified and explained many aspects of my jaw pain—from my posture to my overtight facial muscles to my displacing disc—and had a plan to address each. Ultimately, my TMJs continued to deteriorate, and I needed to have total joint replacements. Dr. Blanchard was with me every step of the way, helping me regain function and acclimate to my new joints. Possibly more important than her medical extensive medical knowledge, she is one of the most compassionate humans I’ve ever met. She made me feel seen and heard while dealing with an invisible disability that many people brushed off—and worked around the pain, fear, and distrust I experienced with my jaw treatments. Erienne helped me survive my TMJD and get my life back, and for that I am deeply grateful. 


     After years of semi-chronic pain in jaw, I was having headaches daily and pain radiating into my teeth.  I started my healing process at the dentist as many people would have done.  I went through getting 2 teeth crowned, one of my teeth was cracked and infected, only to end up with 2 root canals when the pain didn’t completely stop from the crowns.  

     Once I explained the issues that I was experiencing to Dr. Erienne Blanchard, she was immediately able to diagnose issues with my temporal muscle structure.  Over the course of 3 or 4 appointments, she was able to dry needle my neck, jaw, and side of my head, as well as performing manual therapy on my face and head/neck.  The relief from the treatments was almost immediate.

     I could not be more pleased with the results.  I have not had a headache since the final treatment and my jaw pain is almost completely gone.  I had forgotten what life was like without the jaw pain I had prior to her treatments.  Dr. Blanchard brightens the lives of everyone she meets, and I am proud to know her.


I was in extreme pain and wanted no one to touch me as others had exasperated my pain. With Erienne, I immediately felt a sense of comfort and trust. She was knowledgeable, yet human. She explained what she was doing and why she chose the treatment. I would recommend her any time for treatment.
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