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Our Services

The services offered are unique in that you will receive an integrated approach with our health care professionals to assist you with the multifaceted nature of your head and neck pain.

Services Provided

What do all of these terms mean? How does this help me feel better?​

Image by Angélica Echeverry

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is the usage of the hands of the therapist to improve your motion, decrease pain, and release areas that don't move as well. This can be holding a spot that causes pain to make it release, kneading the tissue for movement (like bread making), and stretching the fascia (holding for a period in a stretched position until the tissue lets go). 

Neck Treatment


Manipulation is placing a joint in a position of tension and then stretching it a bit farther quickly. This causes a sound (like when you crack your knuckles). The sound is the release of gases in the joint that cause some of the pressure feeling. Manipulation also makes the body release pain relievers which is why it feels good to crack your knuckles or any other joint you are able to crack on your own. The techniques are safe when performed by trained professions.

Neck Therapy

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a technique where acupuncture needles are utilized and placed into the muscle to make them let go. Why needles vs. hands? The needles reach areas that the hands cannot and cause immediate release of the area. The needles will also help your nervous system reduce pain and reduce the perception of pain as well. The needles help heal the muscle and the nervous system while releasing toxins and helping your body to release natural pain relievers. This is a safe technique with someone licensed in the practice of dry needling.


Not all who prescribe exercise do so with your pain in mind and only do so on the region of pain. 

The difference with this clinic is the time the practitioner gets with you allows for a very specific program and progressions to be made based on the gains you have currently made, the areas of continuing difficulty, and your direct need to return back to doing. 

Here you will receive exercises that incorporate the mouth, neck, posture, core, and any other areas that are impacting your ability to do life. Your individualized program will be set up on a system that allows you to have them with you where every you go and contact your practitioner with any questions. 

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