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Keeping Goals in the New Year

I know it can very cliche to discuss setting goals in the New Year. Why should we set goals? Goals help us to set a direction. Goals are meant to be broken down to accomplish and there will be good days and bad days on the journey to the goal.

Set a yearly goal and a 5 year goal. Think what must you do this year to accomplish your 5 year

goals. Keep moving backward. What must you do in the next 6 months to accomplish your yearly goal. Keep going. What must you do in the next month to reach your goal at 6 month and a year. Then, what must you do this week to reach your monthly, then 6 month, then year goal. Finally, what must you do today to accomplish your goal by the end of the week to reach the month, etc.

This set ups is making the one thing the priority of your day to make your long term goals. Every day is an opportunity to put that one thing first in order to meet your goal. There will be days in which you will miss it. Do not throw the whole goal out. Rather, adjust your needs to make your monthly goal and assist yourself.

Do not give up on your goal just because you missed a day or because the goal now needs to be stretched in order to adjust to your work and family needs. Goals will have bumps in the road but a straight road is not as satisfying as overcoming the hard things to show your own resilience and strength. Don’t give up and keep going!

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