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It’s Halloween. I have TMJ issues. What candy should I avoid?

Picture of a group of children walking up in costume to a door on Halloween

Halloween candy can be a dangerous world to navigate which so much fun and joy to be had with the variety and tastes. What is your favorite? Chocolate, nugget, nuts, gummies, airheads, laffy taffy, tootsie rolls, or all of the above?

Kids in Halloween costume getting candy

Jaw pain can make Halloween even more difficult with talking through a mask so I recommend no masks in your costume to reduce pressure on the face. Carrying heavy bags or children can increase the face pain through the neck. Remember to bring a wagon or stroller for the children and a good bag/bowl that is supported by the stroller to reduce your carrying needs.

The candies to avoid are going to be the tougher and gummier ones. Things like the laffy taffy, airheads, tootsie rolls, etc are to much for a joint that has pain and most likely clicking or popping so stick with the chocolates.

Piles of chewy candies and gummy candies at a store

You choose not to partake of your favorite candy for the sake of your jaw but feel that this may ruin your holiday. Remember you can give yourself a treat to celebrate that may not cause you pain and still have a blast with friends and family. However you celebrate, next year you may be able to have some of those foods again with therapy and treatment. Reach out and get treatment so that you can get back to treating yourself with some of your favorite Halloween treats.

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