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What I love about Christmas…

Child being fascinated by the lights on a Christmas tree

I know that for some this holiday does not bring joy, happy memories, or good family time. For that, I am truly sorry. I pray that with time you can find people that you may be able to create a family to spend holidays together. Some of the best families are created by friends who stand by each other and form bonds of family. I love these members of my family in different and deeper ways. I love that Christmas is a time that we can reflect on the people we count as family perhaps more than biology and their love and care of us.

My favorite pieces of Christmas are the quiet mornings with coffee by the Christmas lights with reflection. I enjoy the times of reflection without noise or interruption in order to remember the good times with the children, with my spouse, with business, and with friends.

Gentleman sitting and reading by a Christmas tree

I love to sit quietly and looking at the ornaments as each of them have memories of the children, travels, and family. I love seeing the glitter with the lights to remember that there are pieces of my life that have sparkled through the year. Yes, the darker spots between the lights remind me that there were times I needed to rely on my friends, family, and spouse to help me. I love that the lights remind me of God and how He has helped me be strong in the dark and carry forward to what He has for me everyday.

Family decorating a Christmas tree

Christmas is a time that I reflect on the year and choose to focus on the blessings and joy as I look at the darkness and how the light shined into those moments. I am thankful for the dark spots as they have brought me closer to God and family and renewed my faith in both. I am thankful for Christmas and the season. I am thankful.

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