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Neck Pain is not all the same!

Neck pain is a very general term. Clinical Practive Guidelines for Physical Therapy treatment of Neck divides neck pain into categories related to the deficits each kind causes the patient.

Neck Pain with Mobility Deficits is pain due to the joints not moving as well as they should for turning and looking up/down. This can be from arthritis, turning oddly, trauma, and degenerative changes. This can be treated with manipulation, soft tissue release, education, and exercise.

Neck Pain with Coordination Impairments is pain due to a lot of motion in the neck. This is

usually created by a whiplash or motor vehicle accident. This can also be due to an injury in sports or from genetic conditions that cause laxity in your connective tissue. The causes of your mobility matter in prognosis but treatment can be similar. This type of neck pain is best treated with creating stability, strength, and endurance in the deep muscles of the neck. This type of pain also requires stabilization and retraining the neurological system of where the neck is in space which was altered with the extra movement. This type of pain has a longer prognosis but can be improved and greatly reduced to get you back to your joys.

Neck Pain with Radiating Pain is a type of neck pain that causes shooting and sharp pain into the shoulder and possibly runs into the arm and hand. This type of pain is due to some irritation on the nerve. This can be due to bone, swelling, disc, etc. This type of pain needs to be addressed quickly and assistance with removing the pressure on the nerve.

Physical Therapy can be very effective in getting the pressure off and giving you ways to reduce the pain quickly and immediately. Physical Therapy can also help with any further referral needs and to assist with expediting your care.

Neck Pain with Headaches is a type of pain that is due to deficits in the upper cervical spine,

the area at the base of the skull. These deficits place pressure and pain into the muscles and nerves that feed the neck and face. This irritation will escalate and then stimulate the nerves which may even end in a migraine. This type of pain is easily treated with Physical Therapy. Treatment will include manipulation to the cervical spine, exercises to improve movement and control, and education regarding your posture at the desk to reduce the stress and improve alignment. This type of pain can be quickly resolved by you and therapy.

No matter the cause of your pain these categories are all effectively and quickly treatable using physical therapy. Do not continue to live with neck pain. Seek a specialist to assist you with your neck pain. Not all therapists are the same nor are skilled in treating neck pain. Seek a specialist to help you pain and improve it quickly.

Start your journey to healing today. Schedule today.

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