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Helping others can help you!

Young ladies packing donations with smiles and joy

‘Tis the season of giving and joy. I know that not everyone feels that during this season. Depression, sadness, and anxiety can mark many a person’s holiday spirit due to their trauma, situation, and lack of family support. However, you can change that in your own life. Helping others can bring you the joy you are seeking.

Easy and helpful ways to care for others can be to collect clothing and donations and give to your areas homeless groups, domestic violence groups, and foster families. These groups need more assistance during the holidays as holidays usually have some of the highest incidences of family discord and violence.

Gentleman packing boxes for children

Volunteering for your communities decorating group for downtown may bring you in contact with new people that you can create a family with for the holidays and gain joyful experiences. Volunteering for the baby cuddling group at the local hospital can bring joy and comfort. The pet shelters need help with feeding and walking the animals during the season. Your local food bank could use your help with gathering and asking for donations as well as serving in their holiday delivery groups.

I know that with depression and anxiety getting involved with others can be a lot; however, there are ways to help without having to interact much. Interacting can really help you change your mood. Just like exercising, most of us have to convince ourselves to even just start and once you start the mood shifts and joy begins. It is never easy to just start. It is the hardest and most difficult part. These groups are happy to have another person to join them in spreading cheer.

People packing food for the holidays

Let us be like the who-ville people and spread some cheer this year even when we don’t have any. You will be surprised how contagious the joy can be for you as well. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

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