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Decorating for Christmas can be a pain in the neck!

Christmas tree with presents around the bottom

’Tis the season to decorate for the Christmas Holiday. I know that after Thanksgiving I love to put the tree up and place out the holiday traditions. I love the tree to have white lights and gold accents. My family tradition is to get a holiday ornament that has our family written on it and the year. I collect one every year and enjoy going and picking out the new one! Every year, this is my favorite gift to get.

Picture of a 2021 ornament on a Christmas tree with the names of our family

The family time of putting up the tree and ornaments while playing Christmas Carols is a joy every year. The children go through their memories of the ornaments as they put them onto the tree. My husband puts the star on the top, and we turn the lights down to enjoy the soft light of the tree.

This tradition is a such a joy until the year one of us has an ailment. The year my husband had back pain made this more difficult and the traditions had to shift. We accommodated his needs and changed who had which responsibilities in order to still have fun. I know that not all families can shift so easily but I would like to encourage you to switch the roles to still have fun but not have neck pain. So if you have neck pain, perhaps you switch who does the overhead tasks to reduce your pain and allow you to participate more in your holiday fun. Prolonged looking down can cause pain as well as your position can place too much stress on the muscles and cause a headache. Try to shift these tasks to someone without pain and do more in the middle.

Mother and daughter creating decorations in front of a Christmas tree

However you can shift the tasks to still have fun is recommended. If you cannot switch, then break the tasks up to perform for a few minutes 10-20 min and then do something else before coming back and to continue. We get in the habit of wanting to complete the task through but break them up to reduce your pain and have fun during the holiday. If you are still struggling, please call and we can get you out of pain in order to enjoy your time with family. Traditions do not need to include pain and dysfunction. Call today 352-727-0472

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