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Bell’s Palsy, what can PT do for my diagnosis?

Bell's Palsy is inflammation of the facial nerve, cranial nerve 7. This inflammation is usually a viral infection that has caused swelling along the nerve. Nerve tissue is very fragile and swelling will cause weakness and damage to the nerve.

Bell's Palsy requires prompt treatment with anti-viral medication and steroids. These medications greatly and quickly reduce the swelling in order to protect the health of the nerve. If you have been cleared that your palsy is not a stroke, please be sure to promptly see your primary care for immediate treatment.

Bell's Palsy will naturally heal. However, Physical Therapy by a trained specialist can help you heal faster and regain function faster.

It is important that you receive prompt treatment by a craniofacial specialist in order to educate you on the protection of your eye. You will receive mobilization to the soft tissue to reduce the tightness, soft tissue release to the muscles at the base of the skull to reduce headaches, and exercises to begin activation of the face and preserve movement.

Bell's Palsy will heal; however, how much depends on many of the factors stated above. If you have Bell's Palsy, reach out quickly to your physician and your craniofacial physical therapist.

I look forward to hearing from you soon to expedite your healing!

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