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Avoid pain while wrapping gifts…

Wrapping presents at the counter

If you are a busy mom like me, then wrapping happens late at night and a bit more of a last minute. This usually then happens curled up on the floor with tape, wrapping paper, and scissors hoping to get the wrapping done and get to bed after a busy day of trying to get everything ready. I then end up in bed hurting and tired while waking with minimal rest and hoping the coffee kicks in for the focus to enjoy the morning.

Let us change this with some different ways to avoid pain. Use your kitchen counter or dining room table to bring the paper and the packages to a better height. This should help you maintain a better neck and upper body position to reduce tension on the face and the neck. Try to space out the presents and ask for help from your partner to reduce the work on you alone and the time can be broken up. This can turn into a good time of talk and intimacy for you and your spouse.

Gentleman wrapping presents at the kitchen table

I have taken to slowly wrapping them throughout the week prior to Christmas and the kids see the gifts slowly start to pile. We keep the holiday small but the kids love to start to read through them to see the small things and anticipate the joy. The table for wrapping stays there for about a week allowing the kids to wrap their gifts and joys (usually hand made things) for us and they start to get into the spirit.

Set up a wrapping station, maybe the end of the table, dinette, or desk that allows everyone to get into the spirit and reduce pain and stress. I hope that your wrapping time brings joy and time together with laughter and smiles and less at the end of a busy day with fatigue and pain.

Woman working on ribbon on a package at a counter

If you have more pain in the neck and back after all your holiday fun, then call me and let us work together to get you out of pain before the joy of the season passes. 352-727-0472.

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